Go Barter

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How Barter Works

When most people think of barter, they naturally think of direct one-to-one trades, like a gym membership in exchange for advertising. eXmerce takes that idea to the next level.

Through the eXmerce barter exchange network, we use a virtual trade currency called Trade Dollars to value products and services. You buy and sell your products at a rate equivalent to the normal cash value. For example, if you were a florist and you normally sold a dozen red roses for $25 cash, through eXmerce, the same dozen red roses would be $25 Trade Dollars. The Trade Dollars are then banked in an account in which you can spend with any one of our 350+ business members.

Barter Benefits

Barter gives you a new and creative way to enhance your business. Here are a few things you can do with barter to make your business better:

Reach new customers. eXmerce is a large community with a wide variety of needs. We help link you with customers in our network who want what your business has to offer.

Increase your cash flow. Keep your cash in the bank, while you use your Trade Dollars to purchase marketing, advertising, printing, social media management services, graphic design, photography, plumbing, electrical, window cleaning, and much more.

Increase profits. Spur the competitive nature of your team with contests and prizes supplied with your Trade Dollars. Creating contests to increase your add-on sales will put extra dollars on your bottom line in no time!

Decrease staff turnover. Keep your staff members happy and they’ll stay with you longer. Appreciation is the key. Create a staff recognition program with your Trade Dollars and reward great work with gifts they’ll love.

Turn your downtime or excess inventory into profit. You are always in control of how much business you do on barter. You have the option to limit your eXmerce sales so they are only effective during your slowest periods. You can also use eXmerce to liquidate excess seasonal inventory. Sell it on barter!

What Can I Buy With Barter?

The short answer is: Just about anything!

eXmerce has a diverse range of products and services. Whether it’s for you, your family, a friend, or for your business, you will find almost anything you need. Choose from golf passes, spa and salon services, massage therapy, restaurants, dental care, eyewear, physiotherapy, chiropractic services, marketing, advertising, printing, social media management services, graphic design, photography, plumbing, electrical, window cleaning, and so much more!

eXmerce offers you a wide variety of products and services, ranging from printing to janitorial cleaning to accounting services. You can now purchase business and personal products and services without spending your hard earned cash.

Printing & Graphics Services

• Brochures

• Business Cards

• Digital Printing

• Graphic Design Services

• Printers

• Signage

Automotive Services

• Car Detailing

• Limousine Service

• Service & Repair

Business Products

• Corporate Gifts

• Investment Opportunities

• Office Furniture

Advertising and Promotion

• Advertising Publications

• Audio/Video production Services

• Branding

• Copywriter

• Digital printing and Imaging

• Email Marketing

• Embroidery

• Fax Broadcasting

• Graphic Design Services

• Internet Marketing

• Marketing Consultants

• Professional Association Memberships

• SEO for Websites

• Trade Show Booth Space

• Trade show Displays and Graphics

• Video Production

• Website Design

Professional Services

• Accountants

• Chiropractors

• Dentists

• Hypnotherapy

• Interior Designer

• Laser Hair Removal

• Lawyers

• Massage Therapists

• Opticians

• Photographers

• Physiotherapy

• Realtors

Travel & Entertainment

• Accommodations

• Caterers

• Dance School

• Disc Jockeys & Event Entertainment

• Event Tickets

• Golf Courses

• Paintball

• Restaurants

• Venue Rental

Business Services

• Bottled Water

• Business Coach

• Business Consultants

• Business Plans

• Charitable Donations

• Coffee & Bottled Water Service

• Commercial Janitorial/Cleaning

• Computer Service

• Courier Service

• Data Backup

• Event Planner

• Fax Broadcasting

• Franchise Consultant

• Janitorial Service

• Life Coach

• Logo Design & Identity Packaging

• Meeting Facilities

• Moving Companies

• Office Space Rental

• Organizing Company

• Sales & Motivational Training

• Sales Training

Consumer Goods

• Artwork

• Blinds

• Charitable Donations

• Closet Organizers

• Dry Cleaners

• Florists

• Furniture

• Gift Baskets

• Hair Salons

• Health Clubs & Gyms

• Hot Tubs

• Jewelry

• Martial Arts Training

• Mobile home

• Orthotics

• Personal Trainer

• Pet Food

• Pet Store

• Picture Framing

• Real Estate

• Shoes

• Spas

• Tanning Salon

• Yoga

Contracting & Maintenance

• Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

• Concrete Repair

• Contractor

• Decks

• Drywall Contractors

• Electrical Contractors

• Excavation

• Flooring

• General Contractor

• Glass & Mirrors

• Gutter Cleaning

• Handyman

• Heating Contractors

• Home Inspection Service

• Junk Removal

• Landscaping

• Painting Contractors

• Plumbing Contractor

• Power-washing

• Renovations

• Roofing Contractors